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As part of the program to ensure road safety in the city of Nur-Sultan, by order of the city Akimat, a program and project of the signalized crossings with integrated special lighting of the approaches to the pedestrian crossing and the pedestrian path itself when the pedestrian green traffic signal lit were developed.

The idea is not brand new and it is a proven technique in world practice to ensure pedestrian crossing safety, while it is very important to observe the quality of performance. The main task of this technology is to light up a pedestrian crossing to enable approaching drivers clearly see the pedestrians. Simple installing a luminaire directly above a pedestrian crossing is not a feasible solution. It is necessary to create a visible contrast between the pedestrian crossing and the road surface, which is provided by using the illumination contrast between normal road lighting and the pedestrian crossing through application of an asymmetric distribution of white light, providing a high illumination level of pedestrian from the driver's side from long distances.



In the current year of 2020, it is planned to launch 15 facilities with integrated lighting, of which 6 facilities of signalized pedestrian crossings have already been built and are in trial operation: on Tauelsizdik street (in the area of Astana Mall shopping center), Kunayev street (in the area of residence 12) , NurZhol st. - NurZholy boulevard, Dostyk street (near the Severnoe Siyanie residential complex), Mangilik El avenue (from RK DPA MC to Family Village residential complex) - Karlygash kindergarten, Kunayev street near KTZ, further it is scheduled the following:

  • Abai Ave., near the 12 Mesyatsev store,
  • Kenesary st., opposite to school No.56,
  • Abay ave., the intersection with Asankaigy st.
  • Momyshuly avenue (Victoria RC),
  • Moskovskaya st. - Khmelnitsky st. (Secondary school No. 14),
  • Kuyshidina st., 26
  • Akmeshit street (from 26 street to Uly Dala street)
  • Turkestan street (Botanical garden)
  • Almaty street (kindergarten No. 54) 


13 more similar traffic light facilities are expected in 2021.



13 more similar traffic light facilities are expected in 2021.